Best CloudStream app Alternatives to watch movies in android|| Similar apps

CloudStream app is one of the best applications where you can watch Movies, Tv shows, and series. If you are a movie lover definitely you have to know more about movie apps and their features, whether it is free streaming or not, whether it has ads or not etc. Now, let us discuss some of the alternative apps of Cloud stream.

Cloudstream alternatives

1) Crunchyroll

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Crunchyroll is one of the best apps to watch movies, tv series, and anime. It is available in a free version and three paid versions. The paid versions don’t contain ads. The free version contains ads. It telecast Asian tv dramas after one hour of the tv broadcast. For premium access, it has one free base account. But it has 14 days time limit only. After completion of the base free account, you have to take the subscription. The video quality is available in the range of 720p and 1080p.

2) Aniyomi

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Aniyomi is an open-source application. You can watch anime on this app. It is an android app. The anime is available from different sources. It is completely free. You do not need to subscribe to watch the content in this app. The Aniyomi app has a huge number of new movies, anime series, and manga comics. The content is updated regularly without delay. You can download manga comics and series of anime. It is completely free to download the content. To read the comics you can adjust the colors and change the font size also.

3) Cat Mouse app

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It is one of more best entertainment apps to watch movies, tv shows, and series. The Cat MOuse is an android application. It is completely free. There are no ads to interrupt you in the middle of the movie or series. You can download the movies or series directly to the device. HD-quality videos are available. you can adjust the quality within the range from 360p to 1024p. It has an in-built media player, so many video formats are supported by the in-built media player. You can watch the videos on external medial players also. New movies and series will be updated regularly.

4) MovieBox Pro app

cloudstrem movie app alternatives

It is the best streaming app to watch movies, tv shows, and web series. It streams the best videos all over the world. The MovieBox Pro app streams many movies and series with free access. There are no ads in the middle of the video. It is available in more than 20 languages. MovieBox Pro allows streaming various apps of movies like Netflix, HBO, Apple+, Hulu, Disney Hotstar, and Amazon prime video. The quality of videos is available in 720p, 1080, 2k,4k, 8k, and 3D movies. It supports the 3rd party movie apps like Movie HD, Cinema Box, and many more. Does not require login and registration formalities. Subtitles are also added to the movies.

5) MrTv APP

The MrTv app is one of more best entertainment apps to watch movies, tv shows, and series. Live tv channels are telecast without a subscription. If you are a lover of web series then it is completely apt for you. It telecast many web series around the world. No need for registration. You can watch free tv channels without the need for a cable connection. You can download the movie and web series to watch offline videos. New movies and series will be updated regularly.

6) Vudu

This app also streams movies and web series. It needs a user account to watch the content from this app. The user sign-in is completely free. More than 20,000+ movies are available in this app. The movies are divided into categories of New movies and Top movies. Best-quality movies and series are available in Hd and 4k. The Vudu app supports Chromecast, so you can watch movies on TV also. Registration is free. few ads are coming in the middle of the video, but the length of the ads is short.

7) Tea Tv

Tea Tv app has movies, tv shows. You can watch these or download these videos. The video quality is up to 1080p. It is an android application. You can also watch movies and tv shows on Fire devices. The download of the movies is free. It shows information about upcoming movies and series. The trailers and reviews are available. The user interface is very simple. The watch history option is available. The new movies and tv series are will be updated regularly.

8) Momix app

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It is an android app. On this application, we can watch movies, Tv shows, and sports also. It is completely free to watch the content in this app. No subscription is needed. By using this app you can download the content offline. Momix movies and tv shows are unlimited. The movies are in multiple languages like Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, and many more. You can download the app without any registration. No ads will occur during a movie. You can adjust the video quality level from 360p, 480p, 720, and 1024p to HD quality. You can activate the chrome cast feature to see on the big screen or LED if you want. To protect the children this app provides parental control feature.

9) HDO Box

The HDO Box is an Android app where you can watch HD movies and TV series. The Movies and Tv series are streaming in HD quality( High Definition). There is no subscription to watch the videos. This app contains an in-built media player so you do not need to use the other external players. No Registration and No subscription. You can choose the quality of the video according to your preferences 1080p, 720p, or 360p. You can watch videos from the Popular Networks like Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, AMC, Paramount+, and many more.


In this article, we discussed about the alternatives of cloud stream app. Those are CrunchyRoll, Aniyomi, Cat Mouse apk, MovieBox Pro app, MrTv app, Vudu, Tea Tv, Momix app, and HDO Box.

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